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ETHShares aspires to become the most lucrative reflection token in the cryptocurrency space, offering a massive and sustainable passive income of 10% reflection in Ethereum for $ETS holders. The EthShares ecosystem generates sustainable passive income through Ethereum reflections, with the primary goal of ensuring financial stability for its holders. This reflects a key aspect of the original concept behind cryptocurrency, which was to provide financial freedom to all through a decentralized system. EthShares intends to achieve this goal by offering a unique zero-sell pressure tokenomics model combined with essential features required for the token's massive success, providing a solid foundation for explosive yet sustainable growth.
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About Us

EthShares offers a world class dividend payment system.

Token holders receive dividends in ETH paid directly to their wallets without the need to claim tokens. There is no contract ownership making our ecosystem 100% decentralized.

EthShares is focused on building AI powered dApps incentivizing developers while sharing profits automatically with holders of ETS token via the reflection mechanism.

$ETS Ecosystem

An overview of what plan to develop now and in the near future to benefit ETS holders.

Rewards Dashboard

Groundbreaking rewards dashboard to claim, view, calculate and track your rewards with the best in class analytics tools. Optimized for both desktop and mobile. Track or claim your ETH rewards on the go or from the comfort of your own home. Charting and swap features will be added as part of dashboard 2.0. We take pride in our ecosystem and aim to offer the best tools to help manage your ETS rewards.


ETHShares Wallet

Multi-Currency support, streamlined UI, desktop and mobile versions. Designed to help monitor and manage your rewards. Fully integrated, multi reward-options. Securely store and manage your portfolio with ETSWallet

ETS Enigma AI App - Portfolio Management

Utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze historical price data, trading volumes, and other relevant factors to make predictions about cryptocurrency prices, market trends, and investment opportunities. This will help users make informed investment decisions.


Chat AI APP -Ethan

Ethan is the public library of the internet, powered by OpenAI models. Ask any question and Ethan will search through the Internet library and provide an answer. Provide a task for Ethan and he will do his best to deliver. Join the AI Revolution today!

Why EthShares?

100% Decentralized Ecosystem


Fully audited transparent smart contract, audited by top auditing companies. Skynet onboarding Via Certik for 24/7 Monitoring. Assets 100% safe.

Passive Income

Earn sustainable passive income, 10% of every transaction total value is deducted and redistributed to all ETS holders in the form of Ethereum token.


No need to claim, simply hold ETS token in your wallet and you will automatically receive 10% rewards in ethereum forever. Fully automated by smart contract.

$ETS Roadmap

Phase 1

Design and Concept Structure
Smart Contract Deployment
Website Creation
Token Sale campaign
Marketing campaign
dApp development Initiated

Phase 2

Marketing Campaign
Token Launch on Dex + Rewards Activated
Rewards Dashboard release
Coinmarketcap Listing
Coingecko Listing
Certik Skynet Onboarding
Enigma Dapp release
Cex Listing
Ethan release

Phase 3

Charity Events
Viral Marketing Campaigns
ETS wallet release
NFT collecton airdrop
New AI apps introduced
Cex Listings
New roadmap Published

$ETS (Future) Listings

EthShares Team

Andrew Dechamps Lead Developer/Founder

World class leader, passion for cryptocurrency. Strong background in product development and fund raising.

Leo Botacelli Advisory Board Lead - Co Founder

Crypto Veteran, retired cryptocurrency investor, Top 300 ADA holder, massive networking within crypto space.

Steven McGuire Director Of Marketing

Digital marketing guru, access to top crypto content publishing firms, vast experience working with multiple successful crypto and non profit organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Network is EthShares on?

Smaller the fees more the rewards, EthShares is on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

How do I receive my ETH reflection?

Simply hold ETS tokens in your wallet, rewards are distributed every 10-15 mins automatically. The more trading volume we generate the higher the frequency of rewards.

Where can I check my Total rewards?

Rewards dashboard will be available at launch for all users to track their total rewards. History of paid rewards and pending rewards will all be available to view in the rewards dashboard.

Where can I Buy ETS Token?

You may purchase ETS token directly from our sale events hosted on our website. Please sign up to our sales portal to purchase your allocation. After launch you can purchase directly on Pancakeswap.

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